Luviena Lodh, Mahesh Bhatt, Instagram, Harassing

Actor Luviena Lodh accuses film director Mahesh Bhatt for harassing her; Posted video on Instagram

Actress luviena lodh who starred in Mahesh bhatt’s “kajraare”  (2010) has recently posted one minute and fourty eight seconds video on her verified Instagram claiming that the film maker was harassing her & family. She has been married to Bhatt’s nephew Sumit Sabharwal. She had filed for a divorce after knowing that he supplies drugs to actors like Amyra Dastur and Sapna Pabbi. She also alleges that his husband was into supplying women and Mahesh bhatt was aware of that.

The legal council of Vishesh Films behalf of film maker Mahesh bhatt, has issued a statement in response to an Instagram video uploaded by luviena lodh, alleging that Mahesh bhatt has been harassing her and family.

He stated – “With reference to video released by one Lavina Lodhi. We,on behalf of our client Mahesh bhatt, refute the allegations. Such allegations are not only false and defamatory but have serious consequences in law. Our client will take such action in accordance with law as advised."