Farmers protest, tractor march

Farmers protest: All Borders of Delhi will be sealed before Jan 26 tractor march

New Delhi: Tractor rally has been announced by the farmers on January 26, after which strict arrangements are being seen for the safety of National Capital Delhi. The entire city will be sealed from the 20 January and the routes will be diverted. All the routes in Delhi's Lutyens zone will be diverted because in the Lutyens zone only Rajpath, Parliament and other political areas come. Therefore, these paths will be diverted.

On the other hand, the security of the Red Fort and National Stadium has been entrusted to the Army. In terms of security, on the night of January 25, all the borders of Delhi will be closed and barricading will be done everywhere so that no one can enter Delhi. Not only this, for security and if someone has to go out for any important work, then he cannot go without investigation or he should have an I-card. Otherwise, no one will be allowed to enter Delhi.

It is worth noting that on 26th January, Republic Day is to be paraded on Rajpath and it is a big day for the country and on this day, farmers have also announced to take out a tractor march in Delhi. It is obvious that while the number of farmers are sitting on the borders of Delhi to pressurize the government, on January 26, the tractor march is also expected to reach lakhs of farmers in Delhi. Due to which Delhi Police has started making strong security arrangements.