Chirag Paswan, Bihar Elections

"Like Hanuman, Cut Open My Heart, You Will Find Modi-ji": Chirag Paswan As BJP Hits Out

Patna: Chirag Paswan, lately facing an open backlash from ally BJP to his criticism of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, said today that he felt "hurt" at comments by BJP leaders but insisted that his goal remained to establish a government with the BJP after elections in the state. The Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) leader, warned off by the BJP against using Prime Minister Narendra Modi's image in his campaign, also described himself as "Hanuman" to the PM's Ram.
"I don't need photos of PM Modi. He is in my heart. Much like Hanuman's devotion for Ram, if you cut open my heart you will find only Modi-ji," Chirag Paswan, 37, declared dramatically.
It was Nitish Kumar who needed the PM's photos more, he sneered, since he was "insecure".
The LJP MP, in mourning after his father and Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan's death last week, also shared that Nitish Kumar had snubbed him and not expressed condolences to him even once.