Yogi Adityanath, Uttar Pradesh,

Promising Ram Rajya in speeches and Delivering Ravan Rajya in Real- Here are few incidents that put a Big Question mark on Yogi’s law and order management in the state.

Yogi Adityanath is often heard promising to bring Ram Rajya in his state under his governance but actual reality speaks very differently. The current situation in Uttar Pradesh is nowhere close to the ideal Ram Rajya but is definitely facing “Goonda Raj or Ravan Raj” from the past few days.

Since Vikas Dubey's encounter, a lot has happened in the state that reflects the mismanagement of law and order the state has been dealing with.
Here are 5 such incidents that speak loudly about how the common public is certainly not safe in a state that emphasis on Ram Rajya so greatly.
·         Ghaziabad- journalist Vikram Joshi was shot dead by group teenage boys while he was on his way back home with his two daughters. This incident took place as Joshi had registered a complaint against boys who were harassing his niece from the past few days.  
·         Lucknow- A duo of mother and daughter set themselves on fire in front of the UP Assembly building because their lands were unlawfully captured by local goons and no authoritative help was offered to them.
·         Amethi- the place that honoured Smriti Irani with a big win in elections 2018 now left abandoned by the parliamentarian. In Amethi army cadet’s Surya Prakash Mishra’s father was shot dead by the neighbour over a land dispute.
·         Ghaziabad- Man enters a local shop with a gun, points the gun at the owner, shoots him, and runs away. The culprit did not even bother to cover his face that reflects how fearlessly the crime is being conducted in the state.
·         Itawa- Young girl Sofia faced harassment from the boy neighborhood. When the parents moved the complaint to the police, instead of arresting the culprit police took Sofia's parents in the custody that left Sofia all alone with injured head and chin.
All such incidents pose a threat to the social and life security of commoners in the State of Uttar Pradesh.