Punjab Hooch Tragedy, Sunny Deol, Captain Amarinder Singh

Punjab Hooch Tragedy: Sunny Deol Writes to Captain Amarinder; Seeks Strict Against the Culprits

Sunny Deol wrote a letter to Punjab chief minister concerning the unfortunate hooch tragedy that so far has taken a toll on 111 lives.
"One and all in the country are saddened and concerned with the hooch tragedy that has taken away more than 100 previous human lives in Punjab," Mr. Deol said in the letter.
The Gurdaspur MP said the incident reflected the "total intelligence failure" of law enforcement agencies in gathering information on the ongoing spurious liquor trade, allegedly in connivance with some officials and "under the shelter of some powerful politicians of the ruling party".
Citing media reports, Mr. Deol claimed the kingpin of the tragedy had been operating from the Batala area for a long time.
"It is difficult to digest that she was operating without the knowledge and blessings of district administration or shelter of powerful politicians," Mr. Deol said.
"It also signals that the law enforcing agencies and district administration in connivance with politicians are working with hand in gloves with each other, probably to plough monetary gains, while playing with the lives of innocent citizens," he said.