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Focus on improving America and China relations

There has been a long-standing dispute between China and the US. Expert says that no one is going to benefit from the sourness in the relationship between the two major economic powers of the world. If the breach in bilateral relations is not bridged, then both these nations as well as the whole world may have to bear the consequences. Even though the tone of separating China is increasing in the world, it is not easy to isolate any one country in today's global environment.

It is obvious that the differences between America and China and other countries of the world need to be resolved through mutual dialogue. There is no doubt that the system of both the US and China is not the same. But China's system is being repeatedly questioned by the Trump administration of America. Due to this, the relations of both are continuously deteriorating.

US leaders, especially Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo, are targeting China every day. It makes sense for China to be offended by such statements and steps. In this way business relationships are also being affected. Such trouble continues between China and the US even during the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. Amid the terror of the virus in America, the leaders started blaming China. Significantly, in the present global world, almost all countries are dependent on each other for something. It is not easy to bypass China, which has become the world's factory. Even after knowing everything, America continues to surround China again and again to prove its superiority.

Meanwhile, US-based Chinese Ambassador Chhawei Thienkhai says that both nations need to adopt constructive methods to resolve differences. In a conversation with CNN, the Chinese ambassador said that China and the US should also take care of each other's interests while facing global challenges. While talking with the Chinese Ambassador, it seems that China is in favour of resolving the dispute through dialogue. The atmosphere can be improved if both countries focus on bilateral interests by keeping differences aside.