Zodiac Signs : These are the 5 most extroverted signs

Astrology has an important influence on our personality traits and is believe it or not even responsible for our social behavior. The world seems to be split into two types of people; the introverts and the extroverts, which team does each of the zodiac signs belong to? If the thought of having to talk to people puts you on edge, then you're probably an introvert, if not, then you're an extrovert.

So today we will talk about the most extroverted zodiac signs :

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Aquarius :
No one brings a group of people together better than an Aquarius. Their leadership abilities are unmatched and they love being the string that ties everyone together. Even an Aquarius who has the tendency to be introverted loves being in a social setting with other like-minded people. They believe there is power in numbers, so they want to know as many people as they can.

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Sagittarius :
Sagittarius is the most extroverted sign. Those who have this sign want to travel, meet new people, and explore new things. They want to try out new situations that involve other people as well and want to be around those who are adventurous as they are. Additionally, those who have this sign are naturally optimistic and friendly which draws others to them. This means you will see a Sagittarian becoming the life of a party because they know how to create one and really be into it. 

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There is no question that the Aries lives the life of the party  because of their passionate and energetic personalities. They have a free spirit which is a trait that is quite attractive to others. Arians are the best initiators. These men and women belong to not just any fire sign but the first cardinal sign of the zodiac. They are the ones who will throw a talk-of-the-decade party. And it makes Aries happy to be able to make things happen. The Sagittarius is just as social but they are more likely to be partygoers, instead of hosting a party like the Aries individual would.

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Libra :

Libra is a social butterfly just dying to stretch his wings and get to know new people.
There’s almost never a situation where Libra is out in public and doesn’t end up striking a conversation with someone, so being shy is not something he experiences.
It’s not that he doesn’t ever get shy, it’s that he’s so used to being social that there’s no reason for him to clam up when he’s so used to being outgoing. Plus, Libra really doesn't care what you think of him.
He’d rather have fun and enjoy himself no matter what he does, instead of get caught up in the little embarrassing things that people do every single day.

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Leo :

leo loves limelight so how can you expect someone like this to be shy? They never feel shy because it contradicts with their personality. The moment they meet anyone, the very next they are friends with them. Also, Leo is dedicated to success and knows sometimes risk needs to be taken to reach the apex. Hence, there is no shyness or embarrassment in the life of Leo. They are the most extrovert zodiac sign.

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